Top 10 Best Series on Apple TV | Series Hunt's Top Picks

Apple TV has surfaced as one of the top streaming platforms in recent times, with a wide range of exclusive shows and original content. From farces to plays, there is a commodity for everyone on Apple TV. also's a list of the swish series on Apple TV of all time.

Over the once many times, Apple TV has been making swells in the entertainment assiduity with its vast collection of exclusive shows and original content. With a different range of stripes, including slapsticks, dramatizations, suspense, and more, Apple TV has snappily come one of the most sought- after streaming platforms in recent times.

Whether you are looking for an unconcerned comedy or an absorbing drama, there is no deficit of options on Apple TV.

Some of the most popular and swish series to watch on the platform include" The Morning Show,"" Ted Lasso,"" Defending Jacob,"" menial,"" For All humanity," and" Dickinson."
These shows boast top- notch product values, talented casts, and witching stories that will keep you hooked from launch to finish. In short, if you are looking for quality entertainment, Apple TV is surely worth checking out.

Ted Lasso 2020

best series on apple tv ted lasso serieshunt

Ted Lasso

1 Season

This series has an instant addict face, with its gladdening story of an American football trainer hired to manage an English soccer platoon. Ted Lasso is a comedy that also tackles serious themes similar to internal health, grief, and fellowship.


Comedy Drama Sport

Severance 2022

best series on apple tv severance serieshunt


1 Season

This series has an instant addict face, with its gladdening story of an American football trainer hired to manage an English soccer platoon. Ted Lasso is a comedy that also tackles serious themes similar to internal health, grief, and fellowship.


Sci-Fi Drama

The Morning Show 2019-21

best series on apple tv the morning show serieshunt

The Morning Show

2 Season

Starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carell, The Morning Show offers a before-the-scenes look at a fictional morning talk show. The series explores issues similar to the #MeToo movement and plant importunity.



For All Mankind 2019-22

best series on apple tv for all menkind serieshunt

For All Mankind

3 Season

This alternate history series imagines a world where the Soviet Union won the race to the moon. For All humanity explores the space race and the political pressures of the period, while also fastening on the particular lives of the characters.


Sci-Fi Drama

Bad Sisters 2022

best series on apple tv bad sisters serieshunt

Bad Sisters

1 Season

A dark comedy featuring two rebellious sisters as they essay to hide their daring capers from their tyrannous parents. As they go on wild adventures and battle with the authorities, they must calculate on the power of sisterhood to keep their secrets safe.


Comedy Drama Thriller

Black Bird 2022

best series on apple tv black bird serieshunt

Black Bird

1 Season

Follows the complicated lives of four sisters, as they navigate their connections and search for the verity behind the dark secrets that lie between them. In a world full of secrets, falsehoods, and treason, the sisters must find a way to come together and make a bond that can repel any storm.


Biography Drama Crime

Slow Horses 2022

best series on apple tv slow horses serieshunt

Slow Horses

2 Season

Follows the lives of a platoon of intelligencers in London as they use their chops to uncover secrets and break complex mystifications. Led by the enigmatic Slough, the platoon must battle their own inner demons as they essay to bring justice to the thoroughfares.


Thriller Drama

Servant 2019-23

best series on apple tv servant serieshunt


4 Season

Follows the story of an ordinary man who discovers a mysterious installation that could change his life ever. With the help of a platoon of doubtful abettors , he must unravel the secrets of the installation and discover the retired power that lies within.


Drama Horror Mystery

Mythic Quest 2020-22

best series on apple tv mythic Quest serieshunt

Mythic Quest

3 Season

This plant comedy is set in a videotape game plant and offers a ridiculous look at the videotape game assiduity. The series is created by the platoon behind It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and features a talented ensemble cast.



Dickinson 2019-21

best series on apple tv Dickinson serieshunt


3 Season

Dickinson is a coming-of-age comedy series that reimagines the life of poet Emily Dickinson in a modern way. Set in the 19th century, the series follows Emily as she rebels against the constraints of society and her conservative family to pursue her passion for writing. Through its unique blend of humor, drama, and historical fiction, Dickinson offers a refreshing and thought-provoking exploration of one of America's greatest literary figures.


Comedy Biography Drama

Other notable shows include See, Defending Jacob, and Central Park.
With farther original content in the factory, Apple TV is sure to continue delivering top- notch programming in times to come.

Apple TV has been a home to some of the most critically accredited and amusing shows in recent times. Along with the forenamed shows, there are numerous other series on Apple television that are surely worth checking out. With its commitment to producing original content, Apple TV has proven to be a serious player in the streaming request.

As the company continues to develop new and instigative systems, observers can anticipate to see indeed more high- quality programming from Apple TV in the future. From dramatizations to slapsticks to suspensers, there's commodity for everyone on this platform.

As similar, it's no surprise that Apple television has come a favorite among streaming suckers and TV critics likewise. With the future looking bright, it's safe to say that Apple TV is a must- visit destination for anyone looking for the stylish in streaming entertainment.